I love Jazz. Before I moved to the U.S, I was never exposed to Jazz. So when I did move here and heard people like Miles Davis, Charles Mingus and even Ron Carter, I was like woah! this is nice.

So last week, I got to see the legendary Herbie Hancock. Now, if you dont know Herbie Hancock, you should atleast know who Miles Davis is. Well, Herbie Hancock played with Miles Davis back in the 60’s. So, that kinda gives you an idea of how good Hancock should be. And he is. He came up on stage, and the crowd went wild! Literally. People were hooting and clapping. I started tapping my feet when the show started, and stopped tapping them 110 minutes later.

Along with Hancock, the legendary Micheal Brecker (tenor saxophone) also played. He used this cool new instrument called the EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument). With this instrument, he would play small beats, record them, loop them, and then create another beat and then loop that, creating an awesome track at the end. He composed an R&B track as a sample, and it was just amazing. To think he did that live. After the whole concert, Herbie went around and introduced the memebers of the band, and even took time to introduce the 2 G5 Macs that they use.

I even got to meet the members of the band (Herbie Hancock, Micheal Brecker, Roy Hargrove,Scott Colley and Terri Carrington), and to top it all off, got Herbie Hancock to autograph an LP cover of his album called “Monsters” that he made 25 years ago. I love Jazz.

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