So last night, I got to see Interpol play live in concert and its probably one of the best concerts Ive gone to this year. They played almost all of my favorite Interpol songs, and excited the crowd with their amazing light show (The name of their first album is, “Turn on the bright lights”. See a pattern here?). When they played “Public Pervert”, the crowd just went insane, because they did a special light effect at very section of that song. They would use very soft colors when the song just started out, and boom! bright white lights when they hit the chorus. Amazing.

Also, the band that opened for Interpol was this electronic band called, Boom Bip (Check out the website to listen to their stuff). Now obviously a lot of people at the concert didnt get them, since they didnt do any singing, so I dont think they got the support that they needed. Boom Bip, reminded me a lot of Radiohead, but more grungier and with a whole lot more bass (When they played their first track, I could feel my heart bump every time the drummer hit his drums).

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