Ever find yourself using many different online tools as you make your way through your computing day? The popular ones have all loaded us up with magic toolbars with overlapping features that ultimately just clutter up the browser with lots of buttons you never click and severely reduce your browser window’s available page viewing space. Some tools are in your favorites or bookmarked. You get to others by going to a website first and then clicking on a link. Still others you remember, but have never found again. Doesn’t it make sense to be able to find everything from just one spot?

That’s what OiHoi does. It uses a variety of different online tools from one simple interface. And you have choices – prefer Google search results over Yahoo or Live? You choose. So simple to use, only one input box and a short list of commands to learn. The first word you type is the command, everything after that gets passed on to the online tool.


  • “word procrastination” searches dictionary.com for the word “procrastination”
  • “stock mot” displays complete stock details on finance.yahoo.com. “quote mot” does exactly the same thing
  • “search asimov” displays results on Google (by default)
  • “map 07981” shows Whippany, NJ

And theres much more. OiHoi is still in development, and new features are being added regularly.

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