After spending countless hours in cafes and in my room dosed on caffeine and candy while discussing content and layout with Shazmeen and development with Frances, I am happy to say that is now live. This new version of SoMinty has sections for Music, Movies and Food and a forum for everything else. SoMinty has gotten a positive response so far, and to be honest, I am kinda worried about the limit on bandwidth I have at this point, but everything should work out. We've already gotten offers from recording companies to review the work done by the music artists they support and publish them on SoMinty. All of this is very exciting and should lead to some very good content.

SoMinty right now has about 9 authors right now, and will hopefully grow to a much bigger community as time goes by. I encourage you to check out, comment on the posts and post a topic in the forums. If you are interested in writing for SoMinty, let me know.

(Also, check out the SoMinty Launch Competition for a chance to win some free music!)

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