Tapefailure, a service that records how your website visitors browse your site and play them back to you has decided to call it quits…. for now.

Today morning, I received an email from Joshua Gross, the founder explaining his plans for tapefailure:

Unfortunately, at the end of this month Tapefailure will be closing its doors. Why? Due to both lack of funding and a need to rebuild the system in a more stable manner.

The technology is definitely viable, but the current function of the Tapefailure system isn't quite there yet. There are a number of things that need to be redeveloped and redesigned from the bottom-up.

During 2008, I will be working to rebuild Tapefailure with a stronger set of features, a new look, and a new name. I will also be looking to introduce even more innovative analytics methods in the new service.

I would like to thank all my customers for their continued support and patronage and I can only hope that you will join me again when the new service is launched.

Thank you,
Joshua Gross
Tapefailure Founder

Products like tapefailure and reinvigorate offer an interesting viewpoint for people who need/would like to keep track of visitors to their site. Its an impressive upgrade for people who are used to using Awstats. Now with tapefailure taking the back seat for now, it seems like reinvigorate might have the upper hand.



I've been using reinvigorate for a while now and it's really impressive. reinvigorate has a download-able application that lets you view your visitors in real time. Even though the application just lets you view only very basic information, the website offers amazing stats in a pretty interface. So if you were/are a member of tapefailure and looking for an alternative, try out reinvigorate

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  1. hello! thanks for the good review – but would you happen to know how to get a reinvigorate account? it seems that you have to be invited by a current member … would you be willing to invite me? thanks!

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