Driving from Dubai to Muscat

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2019

If you’re planning on driving from Dubai to Muscat, here are a few tips to make your journey as smooth as possible:

  • If you are a resident of the UAE, you can apply for an Omani Evisa online. It costs AED 50 ($14) and is a very easy process. You can also apply for a visa online if you have a valid US visa or Schengen.
  • The most convenient place to cross into Muscat is a place called “Wajaja”. On Google maps, search for “Al Wajaja Border Post“.
  • In case you don’t have a data-roaming plan in Oman, you can pre-download Google Maps into your phone. This will make it easier for you to navigate even if you don’t have an internet connection.

From Dubai to Muscat

  • Driving towards Wajaja, you’ll hit a series of check-points. At the first check point, you’ll need to pay AED 35 for each person. You will then then get receipts for each person you’ve paid for.
  • Once you get the receipts, keep driving to the second check post. Here your car will be inspected and you’ll get a small piece of paper indicating the number of people in the car
  • Once you get to the next check point, you’ll need to get out and walk into the building. This is where you’ll need to show your e-visa and get your passport stamped.
  • Once you’re back in your car, drive towards the fourth check post where you’ll drop off the receipt you got when they inspected your car. Welcome to Oman!

From Muscat to Dubai

  • At the first check post show your passport and get a piece of paper indicating the number of people in your car.
  • At the second check post drop the piece of paper you got in step one
  • Once you get to the third check post, which should be a big UAE government building, park your car, walk inside and get your exit stamp in your passport
  • Done. Welcome back to the UAE!

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