Even though I am only 21, I think I’ve gotten to a point in my life, where I’ve realized that I am old-ish. I think if you ever find yourself saying, “When I was a kid….” or “back in the day…”, it probably means you’re too old to be driving that tricycle. Its amazing when you look at these high school kids, with their odd sense in clothes, their awkwardness etc, you realize that not too long ago, you were exactly in their (ugly, colorful) shoes.

And also, its weird when you watch things like, “Tom and Jerry” or “The Pink Panther” and tell those kids from younger generations that this is what you watched as a kid; they look at you funny mainly since the cartoons I watched compares nothing to their fancy “Pokemon” or “Camp Lazlo” (Of course, there just had to be an elephant on that show, who just happens to be Indian). So yeah, if you ever find yourself going, “I used to fit into these things”, dont worry, we’re all in the same boat.

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